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Ask Joe

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Hi Joe –

I watch pretty much every game and when I see you in the 9th inning to close a very close game I can’t help but think you must get a bit nervous.  Are you pretty tense and/or nervous when you get out there?


Joe’s Response:

Earl –

Yes, I am nervous but in a good way.  Lots of adrenaline pumping!


Hi Joe!

What was your most favorite game that you ever have played in while you have been with the Twins?

Cassie B.

Joe’s Response:

Cassie –

The best game I ever played in was Game 163 against Detroit last year.

Thanks for asking!


Joe Nathan on Sports Huddle

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Joe Nathan joined Sid Hartman and Dave Mona for an interview on the 4-4-10 Sports Huddle radio program on WCCO 830.

To listen to the audio interview with Joe click HERE.

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