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Hey Joe,

I’ve been a huge fan for a few years.  My family teases me because I always will stay up to see if you will pitch the 9th inning (even west coast games, which get really late for me as a teacher!).

My son and I enjoy sitting in the home run porch during games, and part of the enjoyment for us is watching the guys in the bullpen and the fun you all seem to have.  What do you do to help pass the time?  We’ve noticed that you and Matt Guerrier seem to have a Gatorade cup soccer game going on…

Continued success this season!

Pam M.

Joe’s Response:

Pam -

I don’t get to the bullpen til the 6th inning but depending on the situation, if it’s a game we don’t think we’re getting into, we’ll flick seeds and tell jokes.  But for me there isn’t too much down time in the bullpen.  We do most of our fun stuff when we’re off the field.

Thanks for the question -


Hi Joe!!

You are my favorite Twin!!  You are the best CLOSER!  What do you like to do in the off season?


Joe’s Response:

Thanks Nick -

During the off-season I enjoy hanging with my family, playing golf, going to football games sometimes we take a vacation.


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  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Joe!
    You are having a great season closing the door for the Twins again this year. very impressive. I am amazed how you handle the stress of it all!

    My question for you is now that your time in the Dome is coming to an end what will you miss the most and least about it? And besides being outside, what you most looking forward to about Target Field?

    Hope you are well. You are my favorite Twin player. I have met you a couple times and you are so nice.

    Best of Luck and I hope to see you on my tv through October!

    St. Paul, MN

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