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Hi Joe –

I watch pretty much every game and when I see you in the 9th inning to close a very close game I can’t help but think you must get a bit nervous.  Are you pretty tense and/or nervous when you get out there?


Joe’s Response:

Earl –

Yes, I am nervous but in a good way.  Lots of adrenaline pumping!


Hi Joe!

What was your most favorite game that you ever have played in while you have been with the Twins?

Cassie B.

Joe’s Response:

Cassie –

The best game I ever played in was Game 163 against Detroit last year.

Thanks for asking!


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  1. Izzy.L says:

    Hey Joe,
    I just wanna ask you if you enjoyed baseball when you were little if you were on a team and if you dad taught you all you know today?? I also wanna say what a inspiration you are to all boys and girls who love playing the sport of baseball and fast pitch. I have been playing fast pitch for 9 years and love watching what you have become from being just like me and all my friends to what you are now.
    Keep on doing what your doing because what ever it is its working!!:)

  2. kinda miss seeing you out there in the 9th. rauch is doing okay, though. i went to 50 or so games last year, but i could only afford 20 for this year. new stadium is good. my dad visited the dome when it was being built and even got his own hard hat with his name on it from the construction guys. he liked that. i have memories of going on the streetcar with my dad to old nicollet field to watch the millers play back in the 50’s. pretty sweet!! hope you’re back next year.

  3. sam jalalier says:

    Do you ever throw the triple dump?

  4. Enrique says:

    I’m from Monroe NY. I heard that you lived in Circleville NY and graduated from the HS there. Is that true?

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